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Although the main role is undisputedly played by Lago Maggiore, there are two other lakes smaller but no less fascinating, that make this area unique.
Mergozzo, with its crystal clear water mirror, is a village made up of the typical houses built with Ossola Valley's stone. A real paradise for water sport's lovers: on Mergozzo Lake, in fact, is forbidden to circulate with motor water units. Link:
Lake Orta (also named Cusio) is a subalpine lake, whose scenic coastline is attractive and very romantic.
The peaceful setting of village of Orta San Giulio and the stately Sacro Monte over its shoulders, enchanted and inspired intellectuals and authors from all over the world who contributed to make the cultural history of this beautiful place even richer.
The small island of San Giulio can be visited thanks to the daily service of small boats of Navigazione Lago D'Orta.