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Toce Waterfall

In the heart of Formazza Valley there's the second highest waterfall in Europe: the Toce Waterfall with his height of 143 Mt is of course the most beautiful leap of Alps.
From the top of the fall, where the famous Albergo della Cascata was built in 1863, from the wooden viewing bridge you can look the magnificent landscape laying beneath: an outstanding point of view to the rushing waters and the whole valley. Many different hiking trails start from the Toce Falls and lead the mountain enthusiasts to the discovery of the most beautiful Alpine lakes of the Formazza Valley.
It's very easy to get there: the A26 motorway continues as the Simplon dual carriageway. Take this road past Domodossola, following the signs for Crodo-Premia-Formazza.
Waterfalls can be seen only on certain days and at certain times during the summer, check the website for further details: