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Weekly markets

Lake Maggiore traditional weekly markets, taking place every day in a different location, are a real treasure trove for all people who love shopping and look for typical products. All towns can be easily reached by bus or boat. Check the list of the most famous weekly markets:
MONDAY Baveno, Santa Maria Maggiore
TUESDAY Arona, Laveno, San Maurizio D'Opaglio, Pettenasco, Ascona
WEDNESDAY Luino, Orta San Giulio, Gravellona Toce, Casale Corte Cerro
THURSDAY Omegna, Premeno, Feriolo (only in July and August), Locarno
FRIDAY Cannero Riviera, Stresa, Pallanza
SATURDAY Armeno, Crusinallo, Gozzano, Intra
SUNDAY Pella, Cannobio